Get Money Get Paid

Get Money Get Paid

Get Money Get Paid -You may be wondering: How is it possible to make money on forums?

It is not as hard as you may think. If you have ever posted on forums, then you know that it is not hard to do at all. It is an incredibly easy way to make money online if you can find the work. There are several different ways to do this, but the way that I am talking about is by just posting... not advertising for others or marketing anything. Webmaster want their forums to look busy. If they look busy, then newcomers are more likely to sign up themselves. They want to gain long term-visitors. If no one is posting, first time visitors will probably not return.

In order to do this, many webmasters have started hiring people to post on their page.

If you enjoy talking and speaking your mind, then this may be an easy way fo you to pick up some extra cash. Webmaster will pay you a fixed amount for every post that you make. It is not a huge amount, but it can add up if you leave hundreds of post a day.

Create threads with popular topics, and respond to all of the responses that you receive on those threads. Search through topics that you are familiar with and post on threads that are already created. Just leave comments about anything you know, or are interested in. Ask questions.

If your not familiar with posting on forums and never know what to talk about, there is another way to make money on forums.

Some webmasters already have all of the threads and post pre written for you. You simply have to copy and paste the comments. This is usually for a fixed pay, and spread out over a couple of weeks, or months.

How Much Can I Make? - make millions

If you get a job where you get paid per post, you can make anywhere between 10 and 50 cents per post. Most likely 10 cents when you are just starting out. This does not sound like much, but if you post 500 a day, that is and extra $50 just for talking! That is tons of post to make, but if you are someone who likes to speak their mind, it is easily achievable.

If the post are pre-written for you, and you take the copy and paste method, the pay varies. The amount of post, the duration, and the website all play a factor. You may be able to negotiate on the price as well.

The hardest part is finding someone to pay you for it.

The best way to find work for this is to search through a freelancing websites such as,, or Find a job and apply for it. If you get an offer, reply promptly and work out the details. - How 2 Make Money

Job postings come and go on these websites, so check back often if there is nothing available at the time.

Another method you can take is to find some forums you like, and become active on them. Once you have shown how valuable you can be for the website, send them an email and see if they offer any kind of forum posting jobs, and if they would be interested in hiring you.

You may want to find out if they hire people for this kind of work before you waste to much of your time posting.

To make money on forums, you need to be persistent. Be active and keep looking for opportunities.

Get Money Get Paid

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